London Lo is a singer/songwriter from the Southside of Chicago. She realized she could sing at the age of 3, but was too shy to share her talent until the age of 17 when she decided to perform at her high school’s talent show -- it was the first time her family, friends, and peers ever heard her sing. To her surprise (and theirs), many believed that London’s talent was an undeniable gift. After finding a safe haven in music, she began songwriting, and continued performing in local shows around Chicago. In a short time, her musical resume grew rapidly. She was the only female R&B act to open for Twista on an all male rap ticket in 2012. She was a backing vocalist for Brown Stone in the summer of 2014 and in the same summer, she was a headlining performer at the Gary Music Festival Michael Jackson Tribute Concert coordinated by his mother, Katherine Jackson, which landed her on the cover of the Gary Post Tribune. She then went on to headline an evening at the Black Women’s Expo in 2015. She was also invited to sing for the Chicago Cubs home games twice, once in 2014 and then again in 2015.


While developing her music career, London acquired a strong interest in acting as well. Having done a bit of acting in her early years of education, she wanted to hone in on this art form even more and began taking classes and studying under a few highly reputable directors. She had the pleasure of working under the direction of Spike Lee on the set of CHIRAQ, as well as appearing frequently on the hit television series Empire. Her love of acting and singing then led her to the theater where she had a lead role in “Chicago’s Bronzeville: The Musical” at the Chicago Theatre.


In 2017, London was one out of forty students accepted into the flagship study abroad program in Valencia Spain at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. London spent the rest of 2017 writing, producing, arranging, and recording her debut a cappella EP entitled PDA (Public Display of Artistry) which was released in January of 2018. Since debuting PDA she has had the pleasure of performing her original songs all over the nation and abroad in London, England. London is currently working on her sophomore EP, while studying piano and guitar. The first single from her sophomore EP Clear My Mind has already debuted on radio and the video reached over 1k views in the first week. with Clear My Mind, London Lo was also selected as WGCI & AT&T’s “On the come up” featured artist.

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